Strauss was created in the region known as Vale Europeu, in Santa Catarina. A locality formed by cities colonized by Europeans that still has characteristics and remarkable traditions of the countries of that continent. One of these traditions is the artisanal manufacture of blown crystal. Emerging from this scenario, Strauss quickly became one of the main brands of fine and handmade crystals, which took Brazil to international levels in this segment. Since December 2017, it has been part of the Oxford Group. The entire handmade manufacturing method of Strauss crystals remains the same, as well as its unique products that are references in the national and worldwide market.

True handmade perfection

Like an artist who assembles their canvas and chooses their paint, the master glassmaker picks the incandescent crystal from the refractory and begins the preparation to mold it. More than technique, it takes talent, patience and inspiration. The artisan handles the material and, by blowing, creates the cup of a glass. Then, the stem and base are placed. Lastly, they are cut and sanded. Now the canvas is ready. Or, simply, the glass. The entire process is highly specialized. Each person takes care of a production stage, according to their expertise.

And this expertise that forms artists is not acquired overnight. A master glassmaker needs a long five years of training to learn all the production stages and to know all the secrets of transforming an incandescent ball into a perfectly transparent cup, with impeccable shape.

If the piece is colored crystal, known as an overlay, the work is even more elaborate. To make an overlay glass, two layers of crystal are needed, one transparent and one colored. Joining the two with uniformity and beauty is a unique art.

Polishing the pieces is a whole other spectacle. It is the final brushstroke that completes some of these works of art. Certain polishing can take 40 minutes to complete. And some glass models can take up to 6 hours to go through the entire manufacturing process.

Be absolutely certain that when you have Strauss products in hand, you are looking at true works of art, molded with the talent and care of impeccable craftsmanship.